Consultancy/Project Planning

Consultants at RAM Intermodal Software are very experienced and have the expertise to establish how business requirements can best be met before installing and configuring a client's intermodal management system.

RAM Intermodal Software has an outstanding track record of delivering complex IT projects and major business programmes across businesses of all sizes. Our extensive, hands-on experience enables us to generate strategic implementation plans, always clear and deliverable. Our project management method covers all aspects – the organisation, management and control for all assignments. With an established and proven best practice project management system in place, we encourage formal recognition of responsibilities within a project and focus on its key deliverables.

Benefits of RAM Intermodal Software's Consultancy Services

  • Projects have a controlled and organised structure.
  • Regular reviews of progress against the plan and against the business case decision points.
  • Automatic management control of any deviations from the plan.
  • Involvement of management at the appropriate time and place during the project.
  • Strong communication channels between all involved in the management of the project.