Tender Response Tool

An effective solution to help manage the complete tender response process, incorporating an auto-quotation tool


Responding to freight transport tenders and calculating the cost of incorporating multiple vendor terms and variable trade route options can be a time consuming task. RAM Intermodal Software's Tender Response Tool eliminates this problem by automating the process and dramatically reducing the time taken to issue quotations that provide both value to customers and increased profit to the operating company.


  • Vendor terms and route details can be processed with minimum user intervention.
  • Operator margins per route and product type can be configured to meet budget objectives.
  • Producing quotations is largely automated, resulting in major savings in time and cost.
  • Quotations can be issued to customers quickly, providing a serious competitive advantage.
  • Reduces administration costs substantially, maximising company profitability.
  • Helps users to make informed business decisions.
  • Management reports provide both historical and projected revenue and profit details.