Workflow Event Management

An event management tool that can be used to act on any situation or condition to pre-set time cycles, ensuring that both critical and non-critical events get the attention that business managers want.

A variety of EventPaks are available for both leasing and operating solutions that contain the most common checks and their associated actions. Each of the Events can be either deactivated or easily tailored to meet specific requirements and an unlimited number of new Events can be added.


  • Auto-monitor all activities and transactions 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year.
  • Never miss critical action dates again.
  • Reduce manual tasks.
  • Highlight areas that fall below minimum profit levels.
  • Helps the business to work intelligently, reducing mistakes and boosting profits.


  • It immediately issues email report alerts or takes action when user-specified data relationships occur, such as when a unit's test date is due, when a quotation or contract is about to expire or when a unit has been damaged on a job or on hire.
  • Alerts come in a variety of formats including HTML, PDF, Excel and Word and can be delivered via email, fax, pop-up message, PDA, mobile phone, etc.