Work Order & Procurement Management Software 

RAM Intermodal Software's work order functionality improves control over the procurement process. Costs are stored accurately and exported directly into the financial ledgers, improving control over profitability and saving time entering new assets.


  • It is easy to keep track of the production process to make sure units are delivered on time.
  • Fittings, technical records and unit details can be copied from previously entered units to save data input time.
  • Quickly review purchasing decisions to see if equipment has been profitable.
  • Users can upload units and equipment details into the system, a huge time saver compared to entering units individually.
  • Administration associated with work orders is reduced.


Project associated costs are maintained and controlled at every stage.

  • Work orders (in multiple versions) can be accessed on one single screen and quickly retrieved using comprehensive selection criteria, such as work order type, end lessee, end contract and work order date.
  • Completed units can be added to the fleet singularly or by batch.
  • The entire purchase cycle is recorded at every stage, from unit creation to production in the factory to availability in the depot.
  • Fittings, technical records, model and make information and certifications can be assigned to units using a simple selection process.
  • Units bought for repair, refurbishment or immediate resale can be tracked through the system.
  • Detailed information is retrieved quickly about each stage of the procurement and refurbishment process.
  • Specific units can be tracked and located.
  • Documents are automatically generated in a range of formats.
  • Standard reports enable instant access to acquisition data and unit information.
  • Multiple versions of work orders can be quickly created from originals.
  • Information can be exported to financial ledgers, saving data input time.
  • A procurement history is linked to each new unit.
  • Units received and units outstanding can be tracked.