Maintenance & Repair Software

An effective tool that enables users to manage the maintenance and repair of intermodal equipment efficiently by reducing the costs involved and cutting the downtime of both leased and owned units


RAM Intermodal’s Maintenance and Repair software fully integrates with the other modules in the product suite and has been designed in collaboration with leading industry experts. This provides a unique solution to improve the administrative process of maintaining equipment and increase efficiencies throughout the business.


  • Monitors and allocates costs from third party suppliers using unique, time-saving interfaces between repair facilities and central operations.
  • Reduces overall downtime by increasing the efficiency of the M&R process.
  • Allows users to assess the downtime of units and the cost of units being absent from the fleet.
  • Easily highlights the depots or repair workshops that provide the most efficient turnaround of units.
  • Produces analytical reports to highlight repair depots that are consistently slow and customers that consistently incur repairs, prompting action for re-negotiation.
  • Identifies patterns of wear and tear and records each individual section of work carried out.
  • Precisely calculates the true cost of ownership and identifies when replacement units should be sent out.
  • Checks billing against sign-off automatically, requiring less manual input.


  • Records the date and status of every stage of the maintenance and repair process including inspection, repair and completion.
  • Monitors warranty items and highlights manufacturing defects.
  • Manages equipment tests, ongoing maintenance and ad hoc repairs.
  • Controls and diarises test dates, using the facility to automatically recalculate due dates.
  • Records multiple versions of an M&R record, providing a comparative history throughout the entire process.
  • Stores all information relating to both the repair and vendor, including component codes, condition codes, damage incurred, materials, measures, repairs, responsibility, damage location and repair status.