Electronic Document Management

The quick retrieval of documentation from one central system significantly reduces administration time and associated costs.

A transparent document trail is provided to facilitate reporting.

Users gain instant access to contractual documents relating to jobs and units on hire. This enables quick, informed decision-making along with improved customer communication.


  • A list of documents that have been linked to an item can be viewed at any time.
  • Documents can be opened directly or further information can be viewed, such as the date it was attached, the unit, contract or booking it was attached to, the document type and the author.
  • Historical quotes, contracts, orders, invoices, repair estimates, sales orders, etc can be viewed in their original form for verification.
  • The module has a well organised file structure for easy information retrieval.


  • Usage of the module saves companies hours of manual data input and file translation.
  • Staff can concentrate on activities that generate revenue, as opposed to time consuming administration that can be prone to error.
  • It is a product that provides data validation at source and two-way communication, eliminating EDI messaging charges.