Electronic Data Interchange

An Electronic Data Interchange solution that enables container lessors, tank operators and shipping lines to send and receive EDI messages to and from all business partners including depots, customers and vendors. It allows data files to be received, translated and transmitted using a wide variety of industry standard formats.

The application allows for a smooth communication process between partners that have different systems and integration requirements.

Any definable message can be sent such as maintenance and repair estimates, gate moves, repair approvals, redelivery and release authorization, purchase and sales invoices, electronic invoices, load or discharge updates, survey completions and customer updates.

The easy update and maintenance of the input/output file formats and translations allows formatting updates or change requests to be made with minimal user interaction and EDI downtime.


  • The two way messaging system enables communication between the partners without the need for any other third party software.
  • The EDI solution can be used as a standalone product or as an enhancement to RAM Intermodal's other modules.
  • By allowing users to define the exact input/output criteria for each specific business partner, the software will fully automate the entire process from input to translation to output and requires little manual intervention.
  • It allows the required files to be automatically populated into all relevant systems.


  • Usage of the module saves companies hours of manual data input and file translation.
  • Staff can concentrate on activities that generate revenue, as opposed to time consuming administration that can be prone to error.
  • It is a product that provides data validation at source and two-way communication, eliminating EDI messaging charges.